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Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery

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Screens for 365+ breeds
Finds their relatives
Genetic health tests
Physical traits and appearance
Vet consultation for 'at risk' health findings
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Get ahead of health risks. Wisdom Panel™ Premium has 265+ health tests, covering everything from potential vision disorders to mobility issues. That’s 265+ pieces of information that will help you tailor your dog’s care and plan for every stage of life.

Dog DNA test health screening


Talk with an expert. If your dog’s DNA test results show ‘at risk’ health concerns, our licensed vets will get on a (free) call to answer questions, give advice, and help you make the best choices for your pet.

A woman holding a brown and white puppy in her arms.


Identify medical complications early. Certain genetic mutations can make common medications and routine procedures, like spaying or neutering, dangerous for your dog. Wisdom Panel™ Essential and Premium  have 25+ medical complications tests to spot those mutations before they cause problems.

A woman snuggling with a Bernedoodle puppy.


Find your pup’s extended pack. Your dog is your family. But with 4 million+ pets in our system, there’s a 99.9% chance we can help you find and learn about their other (non-human) family. When we test your pup’s sample, we’ll search for their genetic relatives, so you can message them, compare DNA results, view photos, and more.

Dog DNA test relatives results


Understand healthy growth and weight. "Healthy" looks different for every dog—even among pups of the same breed. But choices like picking food, providing enough exercise, or predicting the best dog bed size don’t need to be a guessing game. Your dog’s DNA will help you make the best decisions for your individual dog.

A person hugging a white shepherd dog.


Decode your dog’s appearance. Wondering why your dog is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? We’ll tell you the science behind the way they look, with over 50 trait tests that give you the genetic story behind their most distinguishing physical features, from short tails to silky fur.

Dog DNA test traits results


Get the most accurate breed breakdown. The truth is, even trained experts get about 75% of breed IDs wrong when going on look alone. (And, hey, we wouldn’t guess a Great Dane and an Iggy got together either.) But every detail matters when it comes to your dog. So we built the world’s largest, 365+ breed database and most accurate detection system.

Dog DNA test bread breakdown


Explore your pup’s family tree. We have the three key ingredients to map your dog’s family tree: 1) a giant pet database 2) a sophisticated algorithm and 3) a significant number of markers strategically placed across the genome. All which help us track your dog’s ancestry back three generations.

Dog DNA test family tree


Detect conditions your dog could pass on. It’s a relief to find your pup is clear of any health conditions. But they could still be a carrier. So, if your dog could become a parent themselves, it’s important to find out any genetic risks that could affect the health of their future pups.

A smiling woman holding a small brown dog.


Measure genetic diversity. Diversity is important in all areas of life—including DNA. Because low genetic diversity often correlates with genetic health risk. So learning how diverse (or heterozygous) your dog’s DNA is can give you a more complete view of their health.

Dog DNA test genetic diversity score


See a map of your mixed breed dog’s chromosomes. So, you just learned your 15-pound shelter pup is somehow 2% Newfoundland. Use our new chromosome browser to see exactly where every breed in their mix shows up in their DNA. This map visually displays the breed info found in their chromosomes, so you have no question about how their breed mix came to be.

Chromosome browser DNA results

*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples

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