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Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats DNA collection kit
Cat DNA test ancestry results
Cat DNA test family tree
Cat DNA test health screening
Cat DNA test blood type
Cat DNA test genetic diversity score

Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats


Get vital insights about your cat’s health, ancestry, and traits with the world’s most comprehensive cat DNA test—developed by leading geneticists and veterinarians.

45+ health tests

Uncover risks for genetic conditions and medical complications.

Screens for 70+ breeds and populations

Detects more breeds than any other cat DNA test.

Accurate breed breakdown

See breed mix reported down to 1%.

Multi-generational family tree

Discover what your cat's ancestors may have looked like.

25+ trait tests

Understand coat type and color and other physical features.

Feline blood type

Identify your cat's blood transfusion risk.

Veterinarian consultation

Discuss any notable health findings.

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The results

By analyzing thousands of data points within your cat’s DNA, Wisdom Panel™ helps you know them better so you can care smarter.


Get ahead of health risks. Screen for key genetic conditions—from medication sensitivities to polycystic kidney disease—with 45+ health tests. You’ll also get a printable PDF of your cat’s raw genetic results that you can share with your veterinarian.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Discuss results with an expert. If your cat’s DNA test results show a notable health concern, our licensed veterinarians are just a (free) phone call away—ready to answer any questions you may have.


Identify blood type. If your cat ever needs an emergency blood transfusion, knowing their blood type could help prevent severe adverse reactions. (Hopefully, you’ll never need to use such knowledge. But you’ll have it, just in case.)

Wisdom Dog DNA


Discover where your cat comes from. Curious about your cat’s ancestral origins? Referencing the world’s largest cat breed database to ensure accuracy, we test for 70+ cat breeds and populations and report breed mix down to 1%.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Meet your cat’s extended family. To accurately detect your cat’s ancestry, you need three things: a large breed database, a sophisticated algorithm, and a significant number of markers strategically placed across the genome. We’ve got all three—allowing us to show what your cat’s family tree may have looked like.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Measure genetic diversity. Diversity is important in all areas of life—including DNA. Because low genetic diversity often correlates with genetic health risks, learning how diverse (or heterozygous) your cat’s DNA is can give you a more complete view of their health.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Understand your cat’s appearance. You know what your cat looks like. But do you know why they look that way? Demystify your cat’s physical features—from coat color to tail length—with more than 25 trait tests.

Made by experts in cat genetics. To provide you with the best cat DNA test possible, our scientists actively research feline health and genetics and partner with cat breeders worldwide. We also contribute to the University of Missouri’s 99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Project, collaborate with Lesley Lyons and other leading cat genetics experts, and support The International Cat Association and Winn Feline Foundation. All to advance the science that helps you care for your cat with confidence.

Sample Results

Meet Reya.

Reya’s Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats test revealed that she could have adverse reactions to common medications. Now that her humans know, they can work with their veterinarian to support Reya’s safety during routine procedures. Find out what else her DNA had to say.
See Reya's Results
Reya (the cat) posing for her close up

How to DNA test your cat

Vital insights about your cat are just a swab away.