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180+ health tests
Detect genetic conditions related to vision, weight, mobility, and more.
Veterinarian consultation
Discuss notable health results with a licensed veterinarian over the phone.
Carrier status
Find out if your dog could pass down genetic risk factors to their puppies.
25+ medical complications tests
Identify drug sensitivites, immune system deficiencies, and bleeding disorders.

Most accurate breed detection (>98% accurate)
See breed mix reported down to 1%.
Screens for 350+ breeds
Uses the world’s largest breed reference panel to test for the most breeds.
Multi-generational family tree
Trace your dog’s ancestry back to their great-grandparents.
Genetic diversity
Measure how genetically diverse (or heterozygous) your pup's DNA is.

[New!] Genetic relative match
Search the world's largest database of dog DNA to find your pup's family.

Coat color and type
20+ tests on coat color, patterns, and texture—as well as hairlessness and shedding.
Body features
10+ tests for head and body shape, eye color, and high altitude adaptation.
Ideal weight range
Get a personalized recommendation based on breed and genetic tests.

Wisdom Dog DNA
Wisdom Dog DNA
Wisdom Dog DNA
Wisdom Dog DNA
Wisdom Dog DNA
Wisdom Dog DNA