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Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery Dog DNA Test
Dog DNA test breed breakdown
Dog DNA test to find your dog's relatives
Dog DNA test ancestry and family tree

Wisdom Panel™ Breed Discovery

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Know every detail of your dog’s breed mix. With breed reporting down to 1% and results that are over 98% accurate, you can personalize your pup’s care to suit their unique needs.

Screen for 350+ breeds

Test for drug and medication sensitivities (MDR1 test)

Find your dog’s relatives

Trace your dog's family tree back three generations

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Results ready within 3 weeks.

The results

Wisdom Panel™ decodes your dog’s DNA so you can provide better care.

Breed Mix

Discover their unique care needs.  Breed influences everything from temperament to diet. With results that are over 98% accurate, and 1% breed reporting precision, you can personalize their daily and long-term care.

Dog DNA test bread breakdown

Relatives & Ancestry

Get to know your dog’s relatives.  Over 99.9% of dogs in our database have a relative. Track down your pup’s family with our new relatives feature. Want to dig into their family history? Trace their ancestry back three generations to learn how their breed mix came to be.

Dog DNA test relatives


Test for medication sensitivities.   With an MDR1 test, you’ll know if your pup is likely to have an adverse reaction to commonly used drugs and medications.

A veterinarian and a dog look at each other at close range

*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples

Sample Results

Meet Charlie

A Wisdom Panel™ test revealed he’s 42% Chihuahua and 12% Pekingese. Suddenly, his love of lap naps makes so much sense. Explore the 11 other breeds we found in Charlie’s DNA.
See Charlie's DNA Results
A picture of Charlie the dog

How to DNA test your dog

Vital insights about your dog are just a swab away.