How to DNA test your pet in three easy steps.

Two dogs combination
Two dogs combination

Send your sample to our lab using the prepaid mailer.

Once we get your pet’s DNA, the science starts. Our labs are CLIA-certified, which means our geneticists handle each sample with human-grade equipment. Here’s what goes down behind the scenes: We determine the complete set of genes found in your dog or cat (AKA genotyping). We screen their sample against the world’s largest breed database to ensure the most accurate results. We create a clear breakdown of your pet’s results.

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Understand their results.

After 2-3 weeks, it’s time for the DNA reveal party. This is when you get to really step up your pet parenting game. Because learning your pet has a mutation in the POMC gene is fine. But knowing it makes them predisposed to overeating and obesity is better. Here’s what else to keep in mind: Be ready for a surprise. It’s possible that your “Corgi mix” may actually be CattleWeenieDoxiPoo. But finally knowing for sure sets you up for so many new ways to know and care for them. Your results help more than just your pet. Every sample in our database contributes to research that’s aiming to improve the lives of all pets. Just by testing your pet, you’re contributing to scientific breakthroughs in pet care.

Dog looking at a person holding a phone with DNA results on the screen

Find the best DNA test for your pet. When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet, there’s always more to know. So we have four different tests to help you discover the answers you need to understand your pet— whether you’re excited to learn more about their breed mix or you want to go full crazy pet parents and run hundreds of tests to know all the details. (Yes, we’re the latter.)