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How to DNA test your dog

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Swab. Send. Smile.

Now you can learn more than ever before about your dog's ancestry, traits, and health in three simple steps.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Just 15 seconds to gather a sample.


Send your kit to our lab with pre-paid shipping.


A few walks (and weeks) later, you’ll receive the results.

And that’s just the beginning. Your part is simple: you swab your dog’s cheek and return your sample with pre-paid postage. That’s when the science starts: a complex process (called “genotyping”) takes place in our lab, in which we determine your dog’s DNA sequence at 100,000 locations across the genome. We then interpret that data to provide unique insights on your dog’s ancestry, traits, and health.

Wisdom Dog DNA

Our expertise. For over 15 years, our team of scientists and veterinarians have worked to develop the smartest dog DNA tests in the world. Through collaboration with leading academic institutions, such as Washington State University, innovative research labs, and Banfield™ Pet Hospitals, we’ve made technical advancements that improve our accuracy and speed while minimizing cost to you.

Wisdom Dog DNA

Actionable results. Your dog’s results include not only data but also evidence-backed recommendations that can improve your dog’s health and happiness for years to come.

Wisdom Dog DNA

How it works

Three simple steps: Swab. Send. Smile.

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