Pronounced ‘KOY-ker -ond-yeh’, the Kooikerhondje spaniel is also known as ‘Kooiker’ for short. Their name translates roughly as ‘little caging dog’, most likely a reference to ‘eendenkooi ‘(a cage to trap ducks).
Back in the 17th century, they were, in fact, primarily bred to be decoy dogs for duck hunting – but were also working farm dogs, used for catching vermin.
As duck hunting declined and World War II arrived, these alert and gentle dogs nearly went extinct. But luckily, a certain Baroness Hardenbroek van Ammerstol started a breeding program to revive them. Thanks, Baroness. Giving the world back these loving and friendly dogs is a noble act indeed.

Breed Insights

Happy, well-behaved, loyal and easily trained.
Intelligent and high-energy, these dogs excel at agility, obedience, and hunting.
Slow to warm up to strange humans and dogs.
Tend to be fairly quiet, so can be kept in an apartment or small yard.

Height: 14 – 16 in

Show Weight: 19 – 39 lb

Pet Weight: 19 – 39 lb