The attentive and smart Hovawarts are rarely seen in most parts of the world, though they’re still a popular working dog in Germany and Scandinavia.
Their origins, it is said, go all the way back to the Middle Ages. As does their name. The word ‘Hova’ is a Middle High German word, meaning ‘yard’ or ‘farm’, while ‘wart’ means ‘watchman’. Perhaps appropriate then, that they were primarily used to guard over the flocks, castles, and farms of German barons.
Though highly valued throughout medieval times, the breed almost became extinct twice. The most recent was after World War II, where many were recruited and then lost to the war effort. Fortunately, some breed enthusiasts (and founders of the German Hovawart Club) managed to save their numbers. And us a lot of sadness.

Breed Insights

Enjoy activities such as search and rescue and tracking.
May be reserved with strangers, though this quality also makes them an excellent watch dog.
Affectionate and obedient, the Hovawart can make an excellent companion for an experienced owner.
Highly intelligent, but can be stubborn and strong willed.

Height: 22 – 27 in

Show Weight: 55 – 88 lb

Pet Weight: 55 – 88 lb