Finnish Hound


The Finnish hound originated in the early 19th century. European hounds that had been introduced to Finland were crossed with Finnish country dogs to develop a hound dog that could work on hilly terrain and in deep snow. This crossing eventually led to the development of the Finnish Hound. While dogs in general are known for their incredible sense of small, the Finnish Hound was bred as a fox and hare hunter and their ability to track their quarry by either earth or airborne scent is quite remarkable.
These dogs are medium in size and may fool onlookers into thinking they have just observed a rather large Beagle as they have the same short, smooth coat and signature tri-coloring. Unlike the Beagle though, while the Finnish Hound is one of the country’s most popular breeds, it is quite rare in most other parts of the world.
Perhaps their popularity in Finland comes from their calm and friendly temperament. Their great amounts of energy and vigor make this breed a great one for people looking to take long walks and plenty of them.

Breed Insights

Like many other hounds they can have a tendency to bark.
High-spirited, intelligent, and very energetic dog that is quite daring and requires a lot of exercise.
Intelligent, energetic, easily trained and usually friendly dogs that are great hunting companions.
Usually friendly and are generally good family dogs.

Height: 20 – 24 in

Show Weight: 44 – 55 lb

Pet Weight: 44 – 55 lb