Dogue de Bordeaux


In 1863, the first canine exhibition was held at the ‘Jardin d’Acclimatation’ in Paris. The winner was a Dogue named Magentas and, from then, on the breed were known as Dogue de Bordeaux, after the name of the capital of their region of origin.
The breed itself, however, has been around since the 12th century, when they were used as hunting dogs. The Dogue de Bordeaux are lucky enough to have survived severe depletions in numbers during the French Revolution and the two World Wars.
Perhaps the most famous introduction of the breed to the average American family was a certain buddy cop movie. Turner and Hooch starred both Tom Hanks as Officer Turner – and a Dogue de Bordeaux as the constantly-slobbering-yet-adorable Hooch.

Breed Insights

The Dogue De Bordeaux was originally bred for various purposes including the guarding of people and/or property. Individual members of this breed will benefit from firm and dedicated training to temper this guarding tendency, and thus help to maintain safety as a household companion.
Enjoys dog sports such as agility, carting, both rally and competitive obedience, weight pull, water rescue, and tracking.
Although described as stubborn this tendency may be reduced via a reward-based approach to training.
Intelligent, alert, and calm dogs.

Height: 23 – 27 in

Show Weight: 99 – 150 lb

Pet Weight: 93 – 151 lb