Cane Corso


Say ciao to one of the most highly valued dogs in Italy. The Cane Corso are thought to be descendants of the Roman Molosser dogs. Back then, Molossers were used to subdue boars and other wild animals until the farmer arrived.
Perhaps not surprisingly, many have found Cane Corsos to be excellent guard dogs today. Even-tempered, calm and loyal, they certainly make for very trainable pets.
The only remaining mystery is their name. Some think it comes from the Latin ‘cohors’, which can refer to a farmyard, enclosure or corral. Others think it comes from ‘bodyguard’. Whatever the true etymology, these wonderful dogs mean the world to their owners.

Breed Insights

The Cane Corso was originally bred for various purposes including the guarding of people and/or property. Individual members of this breed will benefit from firm and dedicated training to temper this guarding tendency, and thus help to maintain safety as a household companion.
Very loyal to family and usually good with children though need careful supervision. May not get along well with other dogs.
Usually very Intelligent and highly trainable dogs.
Require good socialization when young and benefit from firm handling and an experienced owner.

Height: 22.80 - 28.00 in

Show Weight: 86.00 - 108.00 lb

Pet Weight: 22.80 - 28.00 lb