Bull Terrier


These very distinctive looking dogs arrived on the scene in the 1830s. Sadly, they were bred for one purpose only: to fight bulls. Not only that, to fight better than any other breed already out there.
Bull fighters crossed the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier with some Spanish Pointers to create… well, a disappointment actually. The poor old Bull Terrier did not perform as well as they hoped. They did start to become favored by society’s elite however. And once an all-white version was developed in the 1850s, they grew even more widely popular.
This terrier’s bullfighting days are well and truly over, thankfully. Now the only fighting that’s done is probably at home – over who gets to cuddle these loveable pets first.

Breed Insights

The Bull Terrier was originally bred for various purposes including the guarding of people and/or property. Individual members of this breed will benefit from firm and dedicated training to temper this guarding tendency, and thus help to maintain safety as a household companion.
Intelligent, active, strong, and usually friendly dogs.
Respond well to a reward-based approach to training to reduce any stubbornness and to teach dropping of retrieved items.
Enjoy dog sports such as flyball, agility, weight pull, tracking, and both rally and competitive obedience.

Height: 17 – 18 in

Show Weight: 50 – 70 lb

Pet Weight: 44 – 82 lb