Boston Terrier


Lively, friendly and clever, the Boston Terrier has been nicknamed ‘The American Gentleman’. You could say this was rather ironic, considering the ungentlemanly purposes they were originally bred for.
Back in the 1860s in Boston, Massachusetts, coachmen for the city’s wealthy residents crossbred their employers’ dogs in the hopes of creating the ultimate pit fighter. One of these crosses was between an English Bulldog and the now extinct English White Terrier – called Hooper’s Judge.
Fortunately, pit fighting became illegal in many states and its popularity eventually dwindled. Unlike the Boston Terrier itself, which people soon realized actually made a great companion and were devoted to the families they belonged to.

Breed Insights

Eager to learn and respond well to reward-based training using treats.
The Boston Terrier was originally bred for various purposes including the guarding of people and/or property. Individual members of this breed will benefit from firm and dedicated training to temper this guarding tendency, and thus help to maintain safety as a household companion.
Active, playful, rambunctious, and usually friendly dogs.
Enjoy activities including agility, tracking, flyball, rally and competitive obedience.

Height: 14.20 - 16.10 in

Show Weight: 13.20 - 24.30 lb

Pet Weight: 14.20 - 16.10 lb