American Water Spaniel


These eager bundles of energy are Wisconsin’s official dog. They were originally bred in America’s Great Lakes region and, even today, you’ll find it almost impossible to find one outside this area.
Back in the 1800s, hunters needed them to fetch waterfowl directly from boats, which is why they’re such great swimmers. There’s some dispute about which mix of breeds they came from, with candidates ranging from the English Water Spaniel all the way to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Something else that isn’t 100% clear is whether there is any truth to the rumor that they love bananas more than any other food. What is clear – for anyone who knows their loyal natures – is that it would be bananas not to have one in your life.

Breed Insights

Keen sense of smell and retrieving and swimming skills make them good hunters.
Intelligent, playful, energetic, and usually friendly dogs.
Barking may interfere with family bonding.
Respond well to reward-based training using treats and favorite toys; can help in reducing tendencies to retrieve and play with inappropriate items.

Height: 15 – 18 in

Show Weight: 25 – 45 lb

Pet Weight: 26 – 51 lb