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Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

If you're looking for an agile, energetic, intelligent, and playful dog, the Toy Fox Terrier fits the bill. These dogs excel at hunting squirrels and other small animals. And with a protective nature and tendency to bark, the Toy Fox Terrier also makes an excellent watchdog.


1–5 kg


23–28 cm


13–15 yr

Breed Group


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Toy Fox Terrier Traits

General Appearance

A balanced and athletic dog, the Toy Fox Terrier is both nimble and strong.

Coat and Colouring

The Toy Fox Terrier's close, smooth coat is mostly white with black, tan, black and tan, chocolate, or chocolate and tan patches.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Large, upright ears, dark eyes, and a sleek, satin coat are among the Toy Fox Terrier's unique features.

Toy Fox Terrier Temperament

Toy Fox Terriers are good-natured, playful, loving, and loyal toward their people. And when socialized in puppyhood, the breed is also generally friendly around other pets and well-behaved children.

That said, Toy Fox Terriers can be unpredictable with other dogs, and they love to bark and dig.

Fox Terrier (Toy) - carousel
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Toy Fox Terrier History

In the 1930s, American breeders crossed the Smooth Fox Terrier with the Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound. The resulting Toy Fox Terrier originally served as a farmyard ratter. But it ultimately became a companion breed.

Toy Fox Terriers—also called American Toy Terriers and Amertoys—gained United Kennel Club recognition in 1936. And the American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 2000.

Toy Fox Terrier Care


Toy Fox Terriers require a high-quality, age-appropriate (e.g., puppy, adult, senior) diet. To prevent weight-related health problems, monitor how much your Toy Fox Terrier eats, and reduce portions if necessary. Also, remember that giving too many treats can contribute to obesity.


Though they do shed, Toy Fox Terriers need little grooming. Regularly brushing or combing your dog's short coat (and giving occasional baths) is usually adequate.

Trimming nails, cleaning ears, and brushing teeth should also be part of your pup's grooming routine.


Speedy and agile, Toy Fox Terriers have a seemingly boundless supply of energy. They're considered one of the most athletic of the smaller breeds and excel at canine sports—such as agility, flyball, and tracking.

But be sure to always keep your Toy Fox Terrier on a leash when not safely in your home or fenced yard. This breed's curiosity can get it into trouble!


Toy Fox Terriers are very intelligent and relatively easy to train. But they can also be stubborn and willful on occasions. The solution? Provide firm and consistent reward-based training (using treats or favorite toys) from an early age.

Toy Fox Terrier Genetic Health Conditions

  • Congenital Hypothyroidism (Discovered in the Toy Fox and Rat Terrier)

    Congenital Hypothyroidism is a disease of insufficient thyroid hormone production. As this hormone is important in many aspects of the metabolism and development, the result is a wide variety of signs including slow growth, dwarfism, and mental impairment.

  • Primary Lens Luxation

    Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a condition that can cause the lens of the eye to become loose and eventually displace. The disorder is caused by degeneration of the fibers that hold the lens in place.

  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Myokymia and/or Seizures

    Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Myokymia and/or Seizures (SAMS) is a disease of the nervous system characterized by uncoordinated movements and impaired balance. This particular form may present with muscle twitching and seizures.

Knowing if your Toy Fox Terrier is a carrier or at-risk for these conditions can help you and your veterinarian plan for your pup's lifelong care. With Wisdom Panel™ Premium, you can get results for over 200 genetic health tests.

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