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It’s like magic, but it’s pure science.

A dropper is storing sample.
A dropper is storing sample.

DNA has a lot to say about your pet.

Here’s how Wisdom Panel™ tests deliver actionable insights on ancestry, traits, and health for dogs.

Top-notch tech for accurate answers.

Did you know that, genetically speaking, a Chihuahua and a Great Dane are 99% identical? Or that—due to the unpredictable nature of trait inheritance—a random-bred cat could turn out looking pedigreed? To detect the small yet significant differences between breeds, our scientists have spent more than a decade developing a custom genotyping chip and an industry-leading breed detection system that’s more than 98% accurate.* All to ensure you get the best estimate of your pet’s breed mix, down to 1%.

Illustration for accurate result

Fig 01:

Now with 40x greater resolution, our dog breed detection system is over 98% accurate,* allowing us to identify slight differences between even the most closely related breeds.

Illustration for large DNA database

Fig 02:

To provide the most reliable results, we compare your pet's genome against the world's largest breed reference databse (21,000+ samples from over 50 countries).

The biggest database for the best breed detection.

Our tests compare your pet’s DNA with verified genetic samples in our reference database to identify similar patterns. More samples to reference means more potential matches—which means more accurate results. That’s why we’ve dedicated years to building the world’s largest reference database for both dogs and cats. It allows us to compare your pet’s genetic code to millions of possible breed combinations and screen for over 23% more dog breeds and 150% more cat breeds than leading competitors.

Science that only gets smarter over time.

You may already know that we screen for more breeds—and report them with greater precision—than any other pet DNA service. What you might not know? Our tech is as scalable as it is sophisticated. That means our tests will just keep getting more accurate and comprehensive with time. For example, our dog breed detection system is 1,140x more efficient than the industry standard. As a result, we can simultaneously process tens of thousands of samples (multiples more than other dog DNA services) and tease vital insights from complex genetic data in minutes.

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Fig 03:

After 20+ years of research and development, we've made technical advancements that improve our accuracy and speed while maintaining costs for you.

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Fig 04:

Our rigorous quality control standards are comparable to those that human genetics testing companies use.

Not your average lab.

When processing your pet’s genetic sample, we trust only the best in the business. Neogen Genomics has more experience with pet DNA than any other lab, receiving more than 1.5 million samples from various sources every year. Plus, the U.S.-based lab is CLIA-certified, AAHA-compliant, ISO 17025-certified, and accredited by both A2LA and the USDA. Translation: You can be confident that quality takes priority when it comes to analyzing your pet’s DNA.

Want to dig into the details?

Meet our scientists.

Jason Huff, PhD

Senior Scientist Computational Biology

Oliver Forman, PhD

Product Development Manager

Jonas Donner, PhD

Discovery Manager

Heidi Anderson, PhD

Senior R&D Mananger

Scientific publications

It’s a privilege to be part of the largest pet care company in the world. Browse the research fueling our pet DNA tests.

Rottweiler puppy
Human Genetics
May 13, 2021

Missense variant in LOXHD1 is associated with canine nonsyndromic hearing loss

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Finnish dog breed
Human Genetics
February 19, 2021

A missense variant in IFT122 associated with a canine model of retinitis pigmentosa

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Finnish dog breed
Human Genetics
February 06, 2021

Intronic variant in POU1F1 associated with canine pituitary dwarfism

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Old Labrador Retriever
BMC Genomics
January 21, 2021

An across-breed validation study of 46 genetic markers in canine hip dysplasia

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Alaskan Klee Kai
Canine Medicine and Genetics
November 05, 2020

Comprehensive genetic testing combined with citizen science reveals a recently characterized ancient MC1R mutation associated with partial recessive red phenotypes in dog

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Tibetan Spaniel
July 03, 2020

Atypical Genotypes for Canine Agouti Signaling Protein Suggest Novel Chromosomal Rearrangement

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Find the best DNA test for your pet. When it comes to the health and happiness of your dog, there’s always more to know. Wisdom Panel™ simplifies the science so you can care smarter. That’s why we’re the pet DNA service most used by veterinarians.

*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples