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wisdom DNA
wisdom DNA
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31 best dog gifts 2023 you absolutely *must* treat your pooch to this Christmas

"Think “23andMe” but for your fellow pooch. This dog DNA test is designed to capture genetic insights into behaviours such as licking, eating habits and sleep, as well as health conditions and an in-depth dog breed report..."


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8 out of 10 cat owners are baffled by their unusual behaviour

"Partnering with The Scratching Post rescue charity during a time when abandonment cases are at an all-time high, [Wisdom Panel] has launched the world’s first catwalk for cats...."

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Wisdom Panel dog DNA test review: What did we learn about our four-legged friend?

"Whether they’re from kennel club stock or the most unusual of mixes, this kit has you covered..."

The Independent

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Beat ‘fitness fail’ week by working out with your dog

"Luckily, a dog’s ancestry can be unlocked by a simple DNA test with reporting precision down to one percent to determine the right mix of exercise for them..."

Daily Express

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I’m a pet expert – here are 10 tips that could HALVE your ownership costs

"The likes of track and test technology, including pet DNA kits and wearable pet devices, can get dog owners on the front foot..."

The Sun