Sussex Spaniel


This cheerful breed was created in the early 1800’s from a small group of spaniels in Sussex, England. The breeding program was started by a Mr. Fuller, a resident of Sussex. He was pretty dedicated to the job, in fact, and continued to develop these dogs for over 50 years.
After World War II, Sussex Spaniels almost went extinct. The situation was so severe that there were reportedly only 5 dogs left alive. It was only through the dedication of breeders such as Mrs. Joy Freer that the Sussex Spaniel was able to survive at all.
Today, these dogs are still considered to be rare, especially outside England. We hope their numbers continue to spread – not just in Sussex but all around the world.

Breed Insights

Rare breed.
Little is known about their temperament other than Sussex Spaniels being considered friendly dogs.
Should also be good in field trials or reward-based obedience sports.
Good sense of smell along with good swimming, and retrieving abilities.

Height: 15 – 16 in

Show Weight: 35 – 45 lb

Pet Weight: 32 – 55 lb