Lacy Dog


Originated by the “Lacy Brothers” in Texas in the 1800s, don’t let this breed’s “frilly” name fool you. They are all business when it comes to their work. Believed to be the first breed to originate from Texas, they were honored with the distinction of becoming the state dog breed in 2005. Originally developed for hog herding, their working dog purpose has expanded into general herding, hunting, and tracking.
The Lacy Dog is often referred to as a “Blue Lacy” but there are technically three permissible colors: blue, red and tri-color (blue with tan markings and a small amount of white). Their build is considered medium and they have a “drop” ear style.
Hard working, active and alert, these intense dogs definitely need a job or activity. Be prepared to give them plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise. They thrive with room to run and an experienced handler, but these dogs being so intelligent are easy to train.

Breed Insights

Courageous breed that will generally prefer rural environments to city life.
Require good socialization when young and benefit from firm handling and an experienced owner.
High-spirited, intelligent, and very energetic dog that requires a lot of exercise and does particularly well when given a job to do.
Need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Height: 18.10 - 20.90 in

Show Weight: 24.30 - 48.50 lb

Pet Weight: 18.10 - 20.90 lb