Irish Terrier


These charming and loyal dogs are originally from Cork in Ireland. They were bred during the 1870s but nobody knows their exact origins, although the Black-and-Tan Irish Terrier is thought be one of their ancestors.
During World War I they were used as couriers to carry messages to the front and received commendations for locating wounded soldiers. F. M. Jowett, an English writer, described them as ‘the poor man’s sentinel, the farmer’s friend and the gentleman’s favourite.’ Today, they’re many other people’s favorite too.

Breed Insights

Good watchdogs who may be reserved around strangers, but may chase wildlife, be difficult to disengage from an activity, and bark or dig.
Spirited, alert, and intelligent dogs.
Irish Terriers enjoy dog sports such as agility, hunting, retrieving, Frisbee, tracking, flyball, and water sports.
Often don’t get along well with other dogs.

Height: 16 – 18 in

Show Weight: 22 – 30 lb

Pet Weight: 19 – 38 lb