Smooth Fox Terrier


Back in 1860s England, the Smooth Fox Terrier was certainly a smooth operator when it came to hunting vermin. They were bred for the task, in fact, and their quarry included foxes too (hence the name).
Fearless and friendly, some say their attractive appearance, graceful conformation, and handsome coloring made them most popular member of the Terrier family. Whatever their appealing qualities, the ancestors we have to thank for them are thought to include the Smooth-Coated Black-and-Tan Terriers, Bull Terriers, Greyhounds and even Beagles.
The Fox Terrier became popular in the United States after the 1930s, but faced some challenges as people moved to urban areas, which resulted in their numbers dropping. But we have every confidence these tenacious dogs will be around for some time yet.

Breed Insights

Intelligent, agile, energetic, and watchful dogs.
May engage in chasing or hunting wildlife, digging, barking and being tenacious or difficult to disengage from an activity that has its attention.
As is the case with other Terriers, might not get along well with other dogs.
Seem to be quick learners with reward-based training and as such enjoy dog sports such as agility, flyball, tracking and earthdog trials.

Height: 15 – 17 in

Show Weight: 12 – 22 lb

Pet Weight: 12 – 28 lb