The Bloodhound is well renowned for being the godfather of all scent hounds and with good reason. These affectionate and gentle dogs were originally bred in 700 AD by Belgian monks to track of wolves, big cats and deer.
It has been said that their sense of smell is three million times better than ours.
Little wonder they’ve proved themselves so useful to the police when it comes to tracking missing people, criminals and searching for drugs.
Their ability to trail a scent is so accurate that it will even hold up in a court of law. If loving these fantastic dogs was ever made illegal, there’d be more than enough evidence to convict us all.

Breed Insights

Intelligent, calm, and usually friendly dogs.
Although less energetic than others, their keen sense of smell and stamina allows them to do well at tracking, trailing, and competitive obedience.
Stubborn tendencies may be reduced through reward-based training techniques using treats and toys.
Enjoy indoor tracking exercises by recovering small hidden treats which can provide needed physical and mental stimulation.

Height: 23 – 27 in

Show Weight: 88 – 106 lb

Pet Weight: 75 – 121 lb