Brilliant and fearless, the Beauceron are originally from the La Beauce area of Paris. They’re relatively unknown outside France, but they’re well established in their native country – they’re mentioned by name in a manuscript dating as far back as 1578.
Traditionally, they’ve been used as farm dogs, herding cattle and guarding livestock.
In (relatively) more recent times, their versatile skills have been used by the police and the military. In the First and Second World Wars, they carried messages and equipment, tracked people and even helped find the wounded.
Those familiar with their loyal and friendly natures will also know they go above and beyond in their service as great family pets too.

Breed Insights

Can be very wary of cats and other small pets and may react to strange dogs, especially those of the same sex. This can be reduced through early socialization.
Courageous breed that will generally prefer rural environments to city life.
Requires firm, consistent obedience training and socialization to prevent reservation with strangers and to ensure the dog is controllable in all situations.
Strong, alert, self-confident, physically active dogs that require daily mental and physical activity to prevent boredom and difficulty in handling.

Height: 24 – 28 in

Show Weight: 60 – 80 lb

Pet Weight: 57 – 88 lb