Polish Lowland Sheepdog


These intelligent and lively dogs are believed to be descended from the Hungarian Puli, the Tibetan breeds and the herding dogs of the Huns.
There is a story that in 1514, Polish merchant Kazimierz Grabski traded a shipment of grain for sheep and brought six Polish Lowland Sheepdogs to move the sheep back to his home country. In turn, a Scottish farmer, impressed with their herding abilities, traded for three of them, which are said to have bred with local dogs and created the modern Bearded Collie.
The breed came close to extinction by the end of World War II but was saved by Dr. Danuta Hryeniewicz, a Polish veterinarian. Thanks Doctor! (Or ‘Dziękuję Ci!’ as they say in Poland).

Breed Insights

Can be wary of strangers and have a tendency to bark a lot, making them excellent guard dogs.
Need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise.
Responds well to reward-based training techniques using treats and toys.
Can be very affectionate with children, and often make a good family dog.

Height: 17 – 20 in

Show Weight: 33 – 44 lb

Pet Weight: 31 – 53 lb