Mexican Street Dog


This catch-all breed is scrappy and street-wise and are generally thought to be the result of the stray and feral dog populations roaming the streets and beaches of Mexico. They tend to be good natured as many a tourist who have brought one home will attest, but as is also understandable, some have had experiences that cause them to become wary of people. As the “street” in their name would imply, these dogs are intelligent and can be highly food motivated having had to fend for themselves most of their lives.
The Street Dog has had little to no interference in breeding from humans. This has resulted in their having a very wide variety of sizes, colors, and builds. Generally they are characterized by their short hair and often tan coloring, but long and wire or curled coats do occur.

Breed Insights

Active, social, and usually friendly dogs; often do well with children and other dogs.
Have a sensitive nature and respond best to motivational tools such as treats or favorite toys in a reward-based approach to training.
Can be wary of strangers but usually get on well with dogs and other pets.
Intelligent, active, and alert dogs.

Height: 6 – 24 in

Show Weight: 2 – 66 lb

Pet Weight: 2 – 66 lb