This playful and familial breed is affectionately referred to as the ‘Little Lion Dog’ –because of its mane and iconic clipped trim.
They’re believed to be ancestrally related to the Bichon Frise family, though the exact time and place they appeared on the scene is unclear. Dogs resembling the Löwchen can be seen in some 16th century German art, suggesting that the lion-trim was popular at the time.
After suffering a drop in numbers, a Löwchen fancier named Madame Bennert is credited with saving the breed through her extensive breeding efforts that began in 1945. It’s thanks to her that the little lion dog is still the little lion king.

Breed Insights

Some may bark or dig a lot.
Playful, lively and affectionate dogs.
Likes lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise.
Gets along very well with children and therefore will make a good family dog.

Height: 10 – 14 in

Show Weight: 9 – 18 lb

Pet Weight: 9 – 20 lb