Finnish Spitz


Spitz-style hunting dogs have been bred in Russia for thousands of years. They’re still used today, only now in Finland. This super all-rounder uses its bark to draw attention. In fact, they can bark up to 160 times a minute, a great decoy whilst the hunter moves in.
Whether it’s Grouse, Elk, or even a Bear that’s gone into woodland, the Spitz’s hunting ability made it so popular with the Fins it became their national dog in 1979.
But the Spitz has not been without its problems over the centuries. In the late 1800s sportsmen Hugo Roos and Hugo Sandberg noticed that the dogs hunting traits and qualities were failing. They discovered that this decline was due to interbreeding. So a rescue plan was put together, and they set to creating a ‘foundation stock’ of pure Spitz. Thirty years later, the resulting success was the modern ‘Finnish Spitz’ a remarkable dog with restored hunting talents. Intelligent, strong willed, and to this day without doubt ‘King of Barkers’.

Breed Insights

Love to bark, and will practice often and loudly.
Agile, lively and affectionate dogs. Independent and occasionally stubborn by nature.
Stubbornness may be reduced by using motivational tools such as treats and favorite toys in reward-based training.
Usually wary of strangers and often other dogs, making them good watch dogs.

Height: 15 – 20 in

Show Weight: 25 – 40 lb

Pet Weight: 23 – 48 lb