The Azawak (pronounced ‘AH-zah-wahk’) were originally bred by nomadic tribes of sub Saharan Africa, like the Tuareg and the Fula. They are known as ‘Aidi N'Ailluli’, which means ‘Noble Dogs of the Free People’.
Big fans of hot temperatures (they don’t like being cold and wet), they are technically sighthounds, bred to hunt independently from humans.
What makes them unusual as sighthounds, however, is their strong pack instinct. Some say that in their native Africa, they are considered fully-fledged members of the tribe. Chances are their intelligence and loyalty make them invaluable members of your tribe too.

Breed Insights

Will make a good watchdog.As with all sighthounds, training should be positive and reward based.
May be aloof around strangers and may require careful socialisation to prevent or reduce fear-based defensive behaviours.
May engage in chasing small pets or wildlife, barking, or digging.
Enjoy participating in dog sports such as lure coursing, racing, agility, and competitive obedience; also can be good jogging companions.

Height: 23 – 29 in

Show Weight: 38 – 55 lb

Pet Weight: 38 – 60 lb