Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog


The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed began evolving in the early 1830s because of the need for a dog that could work cattle in Australia's very harsh environment. The breed that we see today is the result of many years of careful thought and selective breeding by dedicated people. Three breeds of dog went into the making of the "Stumpy". First there was the crossing of the Dingo with an English breed of dog called the Smithfield (these dogs were naturally bob-tailed) which is where the gene comes from that is still present in the Stumpy today. Then the progeny from these matings were crossed with the smooth coated blue merle Collie (commonly referred to today as the Australian Koolie) and so a breed of dog was born that cattlemen, then and today, swear is the best working dog in the world.

Breed Insights

They are good with children and make excellent family members as long as their energy needs are met.
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs can compete in Agility, Obedience and Fly Ball.
Do not only work sheep and cattle but can work just about any animal found on a farm.
Have good mental stimulation and interaction with their families.

Height: 17 – 20 in

Show Weight: 40 – 48 lb

Pet Weight: 40 – 48 lb