Swedish Vallhund


As intelligent as they are loyal, the Swedish Vallhund is a small Scandinavian spitz-type breed – that also looks a lot like a Corgi.
Many have claimed that they are the most likely candidate for the so-called ‘little Viking dog’, which accompanied the Vikings on their long sea journeys. Although an excellent herder, they had plenty of other talents too, including hunting rats and being guard dogs.
They almost became extinct during the Second World War. But, fortunately, a man named Count Bjorn von Rosen helped restore the breed. Since then, subsequent fanciers have also kept them going. Today these dogs are still quite rare – but treasured wherever they’re found.

Breed Insights

Can make excellent show and obedience dogs with the appropriate training.
They possess strong protective instincts and make good guard dogs. They may be wary around strangers and other dogs.
Devoted little dogs that make good family pets, but need a strong owner to prevent development of "small dog syndrome".
Because of their hunting background, may bark, dig, and chase wildlife. Can be tenacious or difficult to disengage from an activity.

Height: 12 – 14 in

Show Weight: 20 – 31 lb

Pet Weight: 20 – 36 lb