Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Just how ancient this ancient breed of shepherd’s dog is can make for fascinating speculation. Artifacts dating back to 2000 B.C.E. describe a ‘large dog with strong and heavy head’ in the Anatolian region of Asia Minor. Some have even said they feature in the Book of Job.
We do know they’ve been in Turkey for centuries, helping nomadic shepherds defend their flocks against wolves and other predators. Interestingly, no two Anatolian Shepherds need be alike – their coats can come in a wonderfully diverse range of colors and lengths.
Their strong personalities mean they’re sometimes fiercely independent. But you’ll find them just as fiercely loyal too.

Breed Insights

May be wary of strangers and can be territorial, which makes Anatolian Shepherds good guard dogs.
Generally laid back and easy going in nature, but needs plenty of exercise.
Normally very loyal and gentle with owners and children.
Can be stubborn as usually have a strong personality.

Height: 27 – 30 in

Show Weight: 88 – 143 lb

Pet Weight: 81 – 147 lb