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Blog /Laura Inman, DVM
Laura Inman, DVM

Laura Inman, DVM

After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Washington State University, Dr. Inman spent several years building her expertise as a general small animal practitioner. And along the way, she developed a passion for feline genetics, clinical applications of genetic findings in veterinary medicine, educating pet parents about animal genetics, and the interaction of genetics and behavior.

So, it's no surprise that she fit right in on the Wisdom Panel™ team! As a Veterinary Technical Support Manager, Dr. Inman helps people get to know their dogs and cats on a genetic level—allowing them to support their pets' health and happiness for years to come.

When not working, Dr. Inman loves to spend time with her Domestic Shorthair rescue cats, travel with her human family members, garden, craft, and volunteer. Another fun fact? Dr. Inman met her husband (also a veterinarian) during the first week of veterinary school when they were placed in the same lab group. It was love at first lab.

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