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Dog Breeds /Podenco Canario
Podenco Canario

Podenco Canario

Podencos Canarios are excitable, hard-working, and alert dogs. With a high level of energy and endurance, they make enthusiastic hunting companions and loyal family pets.


17–25 kg


53–64 cm


11–13 yr

Breed Group


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Podenco Canario Traits

General Appearance

The Podenco Canario is a medium-sized dog with a slender frame and lean, well-developed muscles.

Coat and Colouring

The breed has a short, dense, and smooth coat. It can be any combination of white and red, with the red ranging in intensity from orange to dark mahogany.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Podencos Canarios have long, cone-shaped heads, flesh-colored noses, almond-shaped, dark amber eyes, large, prick ears, and low-set tails that reach just below the hock and taper at the tip.

Podenco Canario Temperament

Podencos Canarios are active, intelligent, and sensitive dogs. They get very attached to their families and are usually gentle with kids.

Though often reserved with people they don't know, these dogs typically aren't aggressive. But they do have a high prey drive and may chase cats, other small pets, or wildlife. Early socialization can help curb this behavior.

Podenco Canario - carousel
Podenco Canario - carousel

Podenco Canario History

Podencos Canarios (also known as Canary Warren Hounds) hail from the Canary Islands. They're very popular on Gran Canaria and Tenerife but rarely found anywhere else.

Technically a sighthound breed, the Podenco Canario is similar to other Mediterranean breeds—including the Pharaoh Hound and Ibizan Hound. Though it's impossible to confirm, some experts believe the breed descended from ancient Egyptian dogs and came to the island alongside Phoenician traders in Roman times.

Over the years, Podenco Canarios evolved to hunt on rocky volcanic terrain—developing unusually shaped, cat-like feet. They're also highly skilled at detecting rabbits, and when they do, they sound a short and repetitive bark known as their "rabbit song."

The United Kennel Club recognized the Podenco Canario in 2006.

Podenco Canario Care


Podencos Canarios thrive on a diet formulated for their size and life stage (e.g., puppy, adult, senior). To help them stay at a healthy weight, portion out their meals with a measuring cup to prevent over-feeding, and limit treats to no more than 10% of their daily calories.


This breed's short, smooth coat doesn't require much maintenance. Occasional brushing should keep it looking clean and shiny. Trimming nails, cleaning ears, and brushing teeth should also be part of every dog's grooming routine, regardless of breed.


Podencos Canarios are active dogs that need plenty of daily exercise. Long, brisk walks and opportunities to run and chase in a fenced yard will help them burn their endless energy. They also seem to enjoy participating in dog sports—such as lure coursing, racing, agility, and competitive obedience.


Though smart, Podencos Canarios can be stubborn and independent. Start obedience training at a young age and use a firm and consistent—but positive and reward-focused—approach. These pups don't respond well to punishment or harsh treatment.

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Breed Group


The Sighthound Group consists of some of the oldest breeds often reserved for ownership by royalty. Sleek and built for speed and stamina, they share many of the same characteristics as those in the Sporting and Hound Groups.