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Blog /4 Million Pets Dna Tested
Breed and Genetics June 27, 2023

4 million pets DNA tested (and counting)!

Cue the confetti—it's time to celebrate. Wisdom Panel has delivered DNA insights on more than 4,000,000 dogs and cats. And we've used our database to power genetic research that helps pets live longer, healthier lives. See how we do it (and why it matters).

For more than twenty years, the Wisdom team has been hard at work researching, genotyping, and gathering input from pet parents and breeders to become the world’s leading pet DNA service. During that time, we’ve had a lot of breakthroughs and achievements. And we just hit another major milestone: 4+ million pets DNA tested in 50+ countries.

More data = better testing

When it comes to a genetic database, bigger really is better.

Because we have the world’s largest pet DNA reference database, we can test your pet’s genetic code against millions of possible breed combinations, giving you the most cat breeds detected and the most accurate dog breed detection. In fact, with recent updates made to our dog breed detection algorithm, we believe we’ve set a new standard in the genetic testing industry. And by trusting us with your pup’s DNA testing, you played a role in raising the bar.

But breed detection is just one of the benefits of genetic testing. Testing more than four million pets has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive DNA tests for dogs and cats, shedding light on their genetic health and physical traits. Our genetic panels include:

  • 45+ health tests, 25+ trait tests for cats
  • 200+ genetic health disorders and 30+ traits for dogs

To find the product that’s right for you, compare our line-up of DNA tests for pet parents and breeders.

Cat and puppy lying in the grass together.

Research that powers a better world for pets

Every pet we test helps us uncover insights pet parents, breeders, and veterinarians can use to provide tailored care. We have the ability to gather widespread insights from the whole of our database, enabling us to spot trends on common diseases in dogs and cats or identify the number of pets with genetic conditions. 

Big numbers also lead to big discoveries. Our large scale database is used in research to hone in on causal variants that would have otherwise taken much longer to uncover. And our scientists have used our data to power some of the biggest pet genetic studies in the world, including:

While our team of scientists are some of the best around, we know the greatest value comes from sharing resources with other brilliant minds in pet health and genetics. We’re proud to have our data included in an open-access genome database that enables researchers around the world to advance their studies and improve dog and cat health.

French Bulldog running in the grass.

The Wisdom Panel pack’s most popular dog breeds

We don’t play favorites around here. But numbers don’t lie. Here are the most popular breeds found in our extensive database.

Top 5 dog breeds

Top 5 designer dogs

  • Goldendoodle
  • Cavapoo
  • Labradoodle
  • Cockapoo
  • Mini Goldendoodle

How common are your pet’s quirks?

The Wisdom Panel community has spoken! Here are a few of the firsthand insights from pet parents about their dog or cat’s behavior. See how your pet matches up to responses from our pet parent survey.

Corgi lying down on a deck with his legs out behind him.

Dog insights

  • 50% lie down in a "sploot" or frog-leg position
  • 50% turn in circles before pooping
  • 70% lick familiar people (a lot)
  • 12% howl to music or singing
  • 69% lick their empty bowl after eating
Cat walking on floor with a toy in her mouth.

Cat insights

  • 48% carry toys or objects in their mouth
  • 44% play fetch
  • 11% like to swim or take a bath
  • 87% get the zoomies
  • 62% like to sit in cardboard boxes, bags, or baskets

Dig deeper into your pet’s DNA

We’re grateful that so many have trusted us with their dog or cat’s DNA samples. We take seriously our responsibility to deliver meaningful insights on individual pets and to advance pet health for generations to come.

If you’re ready to join the Wisdom community, browse our DNA tests for pet parents and breeders and join our pack today.