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Dog Breeds /Mongolian Xigou
Mongolian Xigou

Mongolian Xigou

The Mongolian Xigou is an ancient hunting breed known for its tenacity, keen sense of smell, and running ability.


30–50 kg


60–80 cm


10–12 yr

Breed Group

Asian and Oceanian

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Mongolian Xigou Traits

General Appearance

Mongolian Xigou are tall, slender dogs with powerful, sturdy builds.

Coat and Colouring

The thick coat of the Mongolian Xigou protects them from bites when fighting off predators or controlling large prey. The breed is typically white or yellow, but shades of blue, gray, and black are also possible.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Slightly narrow heads, folded drop ears, small, dark brown eyes, and thin legs are some of the Mongolian Xigou's key features.

Mongolian Xigou Temperament

Mongolian Xigou are active, loyal dogs and generally eager to please their people. They have a fierce, protective nature and can be territorial—which makes them good guard dogs but can also lead them to distrust strangers.

You should avoid letting this breed off-leash in an unfenced area. Mongolian Xigou have extremely strong hunting instincts, and they may mistake neighborhood pets and critters for potential prey.

Mongolian Xigou History

Dating back to the Liao Dynasty (907–1125), these speedy sighthounds were favorites of the Khitan royal family. Nobles regarded them as skilled long-distance hunters, guard dogs, and loyal companions. Historical records indicate that Genghis Khan brought Mongolian Xigou with him when he traveled through Europe—using the versatile dogs for both protection and hunting.

Experts believe the Mongolian Xigou originated from one of the oldest dog breeds, the Saluki. Once a top hunting dog in Northeastern Mongolia, this breed is relatively rare today.

Mongolian Xigou Care


Mongolian Xigou thrive on a high-quality diet formulated for their life stage (e.g., puppy, adult, senior).

To help your dog maintain a healthy weight, keep an eye on their food intake and measure their portions to avoid overfeeding. As a guideline, treats should make up no more than 10% of a dog's daily calories.


The Mongolian Xigou's thick coat needs weekly brushing to remove loose hair and keep it looking its best. Regular nail trims and ear cleanings should also be part of their grooming routine.

Good oral hygiene is an essential part of every dog's long-term care. Dental disease is one of the most common health conditions in adult dogs. Left untreated, it can contribute to other health issues. Professional cleanings and an at-home dental care routine that includes regular teeth brushing will help prevent dental disease.


Mongolian Xigou are active dogs that need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. Playing within a fenced yard and going for long walks (or better yet, jogs) are suitable outlets for their energy. These athletic pups also excel at competitive activities, such as agility and rally.


These loyal, hardworking dogs are typically easy to train. Positive, reward-based methods using treats and favorite toys tend to work well. Additionally, socializing your pup when they're young will help them develop into a well-mannered adult dog.

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