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31 best dog gifts 2023 you absolutely *must* treat your pooch to this Christmas

Think “23andMe” but for your fellow pooch. This dog DNA test is designed to capture genetic insights into behaviours such as licking, eating habits and sleep, as well as health conditions and an in-depth dog breed report.

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You’ve researched the family tree and done the swab test to discover your genetic ancestry. You’ve even tracked down distant relatives overseas. So what’s next? Well, how about a DNA test on your cat or dog?!

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Unusual gift needed? Get a pet owner a DNA test for a cat or dog to provide breed analysis and health insights.

Beat ‘fitness fail week’ by working out with your dog

Our commitment to new year’s fitness regimes tends to wane by the third week of January, according to Strava, by by involving pets, we can help keep our resolutions for longer.

The UK’s first beauty salon for both dogs and owners is pupping up in London

The beautifully named ‘Short, Bark & Sides’ salon is landing in London next month.