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Welcome to the ‘Doggy Walkouts’

Cartoon of dog catching a frisbee in the air.
Cartoon of dog catching a frisbee in the air.

We know that sticking to your fitness regime might be hard so we have teamed up with leading personal trainer Luke Worthington, to devise simple workout routines when you’re walking your dog. What makes this different? Lots. These workouts are designed to: Fit into your normal walk Elevate activity for you and your dog at the same time Be specific for your breed category Burn approximately 150 calories in 15 minutes Make getting fit fun and sustainable for you and your pet New research by Wisdom Panel reveals that whilst 80% of owners plan to exercise with their dogs, over a quarter admit to not knowing the correct exercises for their dog’s breed. Download your free Doggy Walkouts guide specific for your breed

Not 100% sure of your dog’s genetic make-up? Don’t worry you’re not alone as 1 in 3 owners are not sure either.