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To know them is to love them.

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Breed Mix

The most accurate breed reporting with 70+ breeds.


Most used by veterinarians with up to 45 health tests.


Discover the "why" behind your pet's physical features.

blood type
Blood Type

Knowing their blood type could help save them in an emergency transfusion.

The most comprehensive cat DNA test

Health, Breed, Traits. We offer the insights that help you pet parent like a pro.

It's like magic, but pure science.

Get the knowledge you need to give them the care they deserve.

Get detailed breed insights

Our breed detection system screens for over 150% more cat breeds than our leading competitors. With breed insights this precise, you can personalize their daily and long-term care.


You should receive your results 2-3 weeks after our lab receives your pet’s DNA sample. We’ll send you an email when your results are ready. Please note: due to the digital nature of our product your results will be available in your online account only. No physical report will be mailed.

You can follow the progress of your DNA sample online with our test tracker. To see the tracker, log into your account and click on the status of the sample in question.

For most Wisdom Panel™ results, the option to download and print a Technical Report is available by visiting your pet’s “highlight” tab. At the bottom of that page, you’ll find a button that says "Download Technical Report".

It can. The report will always default to the gender of the dog that was entered at activation, but we are able to see the dog’s genetic gender in the raw data.

Yes! Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats can be used at any stage in a cat’s life. That said, we recommend waiting until a kitten has been weaned to prevent cross-contamination from skin and other cells within the mother’s milk.

Meet our breed of the month.

American Curl

American Curl

American Curls are people-oriented cats that want to be involved in every aspect of family life. Whether you’re watching a movie, making dinner, or taking a shower, Curls will be by your side—just in case you need their help.


2–5 kg




12–16 yr

Breed Group


Sample Results

Meet Reya.

Reya’s Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats test revealed that she could have adverse reactions to common medications. Now that her humans know, they can work with their veterinarian to support Reya’s safety during routine procedures. Find out what else her DNA had to say.
See Reya's Results
Reya (the cat) posing for her close up