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Blog /Wisdom Catwalk
Life with Pets November 04, 2022

Wisdom Panel launches World’s first Catwalk for rescue cats

Because no one does a catwalk like a cat.

New research commissioned by Wisdom Panel™, the most comprehensive pet DNA test on the market, reveals that 87% of cat owners are confused by their own pet, with 42% often left stumped by their quirky behaviors.

To bring us closer to these fascinating felines, Wisdom Panel DNA testing partnered with The Scratching Post rescue charity during a time when abandonment cases are at an all time high. On a mission to reduce future abandonment, the DNA testing company launched the world’s first catwalk for cats as fashion week drew to a close to showcase their diversity and beauty whilst inspiring cat adoption. Because no one does a catwalk like a cat.

Wisdom Panel™ cat DNA test is powered by scientific insights and screens for 70+ breeds and populations, 45+ genetic health conditions, blood type and 25+ physical trait tests so that you can learn how to pet parent like a pro.

Wisdom Panel complete for cat kit
Black and White cat on runway

Cat Moss

She may look like a fiercely athletic hunter with her 60% British and 25% American Domestic Cat genes but watch out for her misleading soft coat - her 4% Sphynx will have her craving for attention.

tabby cat on runway

Cindy Clawford

Being 97% British and American Domestic Cat, you think you’d know everything about this slender feline… but looks can be deceiving. Made up of five beautiful breeds, she has the gentle giant genes of a Maine Coon and the calming nature of a British Shorthair, however the Norwegian Forest Cat within her will be keeping tabs on everything you do.

Siberian cat on runway

Eva Longhairia

Acrobatic by nature with her 13% Siberian genes, determined to turn any object into a toy. With a 4% dash of Persian, known for having thick coats, she’ll be sure to make her needs known through communicating with her captivating, expressive eyes.