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Blog /Tips For Keeping Your Pet Calm And Safe On Bonfire
Life with Pets November 01, 2022

Tips for bonfire night with Pets

Tips for keeping your pet calm and safe on bonfire night

Most importantly, if you know there’s going to be fireworks, keep your pets in the house. Here are a few tips for how to keep your pet calm and safe inside the house:

1. Create a safe place or a den

This could mean make the sofa/their bed more comfortable with lots of blankets so that your pet feels warm and safe.

2. Close your doors and windows

Not only will this decrease sounds and light coming in from the windows, but it will also reduce the chance of your pet running off if they do get frightened.

3. Close your windows and curtains

This will help to reduce the lights coming in from outside.

4. Put TV and background music on to distract them.

Having this familiar sound on inside will make them less alert to/anxious by the noises outside.

5. Have high value rewards on hand

Reward calm behaviour by giving your pet a treat.

6. Exercise your pet early in the day

This will allow them to get out some anxious energy and hopefully make them more likely to fall asleep during the evening before the fireworks start.

dog under table

If your pets are unsettled, it’s important not to get cross with them or make too much of a fuss of them.
Give them some space and treat them as you would normally - with love and care.