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The Results

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What to expect

You’ll find your dog’s DNA results divided into three categories: health, ancestry, and traits. Each section breaks down your pup’s unique genetic print in detail and describes how each factor might impact their everyday life.

Health Know what to expect and how to prepare for your dog’s health at every stage. Discover acute problems you’d want to know about before you give your dog medication or have them undergo a procedure, identify health considerations before breeding, and learn about potential "late-stage" onset problems common in your dog’s breed.

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Ancestry Amstaff/Yorkie mix? Maybe? Wonder no more. Your results will show the breeds present in your pup (down to 1%), as well as trace their family tree back three generations.

Wisdom Dog DNA

Traits Your test results will reveal the genetic factors that give your dog their distinguishing qualities and one-of-a-kind characteristics. These include hair length and colour, muzzle shape, and more.

Wisdom Dog DNA

Meet Oscar

Results can be surprising! Oscar’s parents learned that he is a mix of over five different breeds. Your dog’s results will help you make better health and wellness decisions for a lifetime. See the full list of conditions we test for.

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