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Wisdom Panel Essential DNA test for dogs collection kit
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Woman collecting her dog's DNA with Wisdom Panel kit swab

Wisdom Panel™ Essential


Uncovering ancestry, traits, and key health insights, the Wisdom Panel Essential dog DNA test delivers unmatched value for pet parents.

  • Test for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties—more than any other dog DNA test available
  • Identify breed mix down to 1%
  • Trace your dog’s ancestry back to their great-grandparents
  • Screen for 25+ medical complications, such as MDR1—important info to know before your pup takes medication or undergoes a medical procedure (e.g., spay/neuter)
  • Understand coat and eye colour, ideal weight range, and more with 35+ trait tests

How it works

Three simple steps: Swab. Send. Smile.

Dog ancestry

Breed Breakdown Amstaff/Yorkie mix? Maybe? Wonder no more. Screening for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties, Wisdom Panel offers the most comprehensive dog DNA test on the market to help you discover the unique breed makeup of your pup.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Family Tree Get to know your four-legged family even better. Our patented algorithm can map your dog’s "wolf pack" back to their great-grandparents.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Coat Color, Type, and Body Features Your pup is one-of-a-kind. But you already knew that. Learn why they look the way they do, from coat color and length to body shape and size.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Ideal Weight Range When it comes to weight, "healthy" looks different for every dog—even those within the same breed. Fortunately, your dog’s DNA holds clues to their ideal weight, allowing you to plan for nutrition and activity appropriately.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Medical Complications In some dogs, certain genetic mutations make common medications and procedures dangerous. Wisdom Panel screens for 25+ conditions that may cause problems during routine procedures, such as spaying and neutering. (We’re also the only licensed commercial provider of the MDR1 drug-sensitivity test.) So, you can have peace of mind and plan your pup’s care accordingly.

Wisdom Dog DNA

Meet Lana

Lana is a cuddly, eight-week-old, mixed-breed pup with a clean bill of health. Your dog’s health results will tell you if they are predisposed to any medical conditions so you can plan for their future. See the full list of Essential conditions we test for.

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