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It’s official: we’ve tested over 3 million pets.

Two mixed breed dogs looking curious while posing to the camera
Two mixed breed dogs looking curious while posing to the camera

Three million pet parents have trusted Wisdom Panel to know more and care better— that’s three times more than any other pet DNA service.

A database this big means we can help you give even better care. With this many results, our algorithm will continue to get sharper, making our tests even more advanced. It also means our scientists have a world of samples to work with, bringing them that much closer to a discovery that could improve the lives of all pets.

Vet's hand gently holding dog's paw

After 3 million tests, you could say we know a thing or two about dog DNA. Here’s a look at what we’ve learned. 

Top 10 mixed breed dogs From Puggles to Cavapoos to Pomskies, our lab has tested millions of mixed breed pups. But certain breeds show up in ancestry reports far more frequently than others.  These are the 10 dog breeds we detect most often in mixed dogs: 1. American Pit Bull Terrier 2. Chihuahua 3. Chow Chow 4. German Shepherd 5. American Staffordshire Terrier 6. Labrador Retriever 7. Boxer 8. Poodle Miniature Toy 9. Australian Cattle Dog 10. Golden Retriever

Top 10 single breed dogs There’s so much more to DNA tests than the big breed reveal. For single breed dogs, Wisdom Panel™ delivers insights into their health, traits, genetic diversity, and more. Over the years, we’ve found that German Shepherd pet parents turn to us most frequently to learn more about their dogs’ DNA, but they’re not the only ones.  These are the 10 purebred breeds we test most often: 1. German Shepherd 2. Labrador Retriever 3. French Bulldog 4. Golden Retriever 5. Siberian Husky 6. Yorkshire Terrier 7. Shih Tzu 8. Miniature Schnauzer 9. Beagle 10. American Staffordshire Terrier

Learnings from the Wisdom Panel™ lab

Dog edition

21% of dogs in the Wisdom Panel™ database who have (or are at risk of) a health condition*. The 10 most common dog names, in order: Luna, Bella, Lucy, Charlie, Daisy, Cooper, Bailey, Buddy, Max, and Sadie. We've tested dogs in 52 countries. The average number of breeds in mixed dogs is 10. 99.9% of dogs in our database have a relative.

Community Science insights

Does your dog do a potty dance? They’re not the only one. Your pup probably has a few quirks that make you love them even more. But it turns out many of these dog behaviors are more common than you might think. We recently sent our first-ever Community Science survey to the Wisdom Panel™ community and the insights we uncovered might surprise you. Here’s what we learned about dogs:

67% are adopted from a shelter or rescue, 55% stare at their human a lot, 46% love to lick people they know, 46% dig and burrow in bed before going to sleep, 30% dance in circles before going number two, 23% cross their paws when lying down, 21% love to sploot, 14% chase their tail , 11% bury their toys or treats, 10.6% frequently reverse sneeze, and 5% love howling along to music.

Our scientists are on the brink of something big.

Thanks to our partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, we’re working with the DNA and medical records of nearly one million dogs—an unprecedented amount of data that matches genetic information with dog health records. With capabilities unmatched by any other pet DNA service, we can look for new connections and discoveries by cross-referencing dogs’ medical records with their DNA results—changing the way the world cares for dogs. These are the medical issues that tend to affect pups most:

1 Million Dog Samples with medical issues: Musculoskeletal, Dermatology, Chemical & Physical, Ophtalmology, Digestive System, Behavioral Problems, Oral Cavity, Respiratory System, Infectious Diseases, Nasal Cavity, Blood Disorders, Ear, Immunology, Neurology,  Endocrinology, Fractures, Urinary System, Cardiovascular System, Reproductive System, Lymphatic Disorder, Spleen, and Salivary Gland.

3 million and more

Someone grab a bottle of champagne—and our checkbook. We’re celebrating this milestone by partnering with to fund better care for pets in shelters and rescues across the country. Wisdom Panel™ will provide $10,000 towards the 3 million and more grant which will provide cash grants to shelters and rescues to go towards medical needs.

Man petting a dog while smiling
Puppy kissing a smiling woman on her cheek, it's DNA test bread breakdown showing on a mobile screen on the right part of the image

The most accurate pet DNA test

After 20+ years of genetic research, our team of scientists and veterinarians have developed the world’s leading pet DNA test. When you test with us, you’ll get precise, personalized results so you can give them the possible care.