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Celebrate International Cat Day with up to




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Breed Mix

Breed reporting down to 1% with >98% accuracy.


Find your dog's family, powered by the world's largest breed database.


Most used by veterinarians with up to 210 health tests.


Discover the "why" behind your pet's physical features.

World-leaders in pet genetics

With over 3 million pets tested we have the most comprehensive DNA tests on the market.

Meet this month’s featured breed.


Bombays may look like (tiny) black panthers, but they’re teddy bears at heart. Their fun-loving, cuddly, mischievous nature makes them excellent—and entertaining—members of the family.


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What to expect

Find out how your pet’s DNA impacts their everyday life.

Ancestry When you know your pet’s past, you can better plan for their future. We’ve built the world’s largest database of dog and cat DNA. And with that comes industry-leading insights—including breed mix reporting down to 1%. There’s no better way to get accurate answers about your pet’s ancestral origins.

[New!] Relatives [Beta] We’ve tested more than 3 million dogs, and there’s a good chance your pup’s littermates, parents, and other relatives are among them. Over 99.9% of dogs in our database have a relative. When we decode your dog’s DNA, we’ll automatically search for their genetic family so you can compare DNA results, view photos, and more.

Health What if you could get ahead of health risks before they become problems? Our DNA tests detect key genetic disorders and medical complications so you can proactively plan for your pet’s well-being.

Traits From blue eyes to bushy tail, every pet displays traits that are unique to them. Dig into the "why" behind your pet’s physical features. Because they’re fascinating and deserve to be understood on a deeper level.

Why pet parents love us

Over 3 million pet parents have trusted Wisdom Panel™ insights to help them make decisions about the health and wellness of their four-legged family members.

World-leaders in pet genetics. For more than 20 years, our scientists and veterinarians have worked to develop the smartest pet DNA tests in the world. Collaborating with leading academic institutions, innovative research labs, and Banfield Pet Hospital™, we’ve made technical advancements to improve test accuracy and speed while minimizing costs for you.

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Authorities on all things breed. From temperament to nutritional needs, breed influences so much of what makes your pet one-of-a-kind. We’ve spent more than a decade working with breeders, veterinarians, and top geneticists to build out a comprehensive breed library that powers our ancestry detection system—all so you can better understand your furry companion.

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*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples