Lagotto Romagnolo


Some say these energetic and happy fellows are the founding breed of all water dogs today. The name ‘Lagotto Romagnolo’ means ‘lake dog from Romagna’ and refers to this Italian breed’s original purpose as a water retriever.
They were living in north-eastern Italy in the 16th century, but things changed after the 1800s, when the marshlands there drained. The decline in waterfowl meant they were then put to use searching for truffles in the countryside of Romagna, (arguably the perfect job given their keen sense of smell).
Today, the Lagotto Romagnolo is the only dog recognized as a specialized truffle searcher. If you like a rare treat, we recommend owning one as a pet.

Breed Insights

Highly intelligent and have an aptitude for learning.
Affectionate, devoted companion with good guarding instincts.
Lively, agile, adaptable dogs with a particular marked sense of humor.
Respond well to training.

Height: 16 – 19 in

Show Weight: 24 – 35 lb

Pet Weight: 26 – 37 lb