Ibizan Hound


These dogs are as fast as they are intelligent. They’re natural born hunters, traditionally from the Spanish island of Ibiza, where they hunted rabbits and other small game.
Spanish hunters typically used packs of females (with only one or two males) as the females are considered to be the better trackers.
For many years, people assumed the Ibizan Hound was a descendant of an ancient Egyptian breed, because pictures of similar looking dogs were found on the walls of Egyptian Pyramids.
Recent DNA analysis, however, suggests they came from more recent times and are probably not related after all. Whether they’re recent or ancient, these engaging and friendly dogs are well worth spending time with.

Breed Insights

Because they are jumpers, fencing should be 5–6 feet high.
Enjoy sports such as lure and open field coursing, racing, retrieving, musical freestyle, Frisbee, agility, and both rally and competitive obedience.
May chase and potentially harm cats or wildlife.
Intelligent, quiet, active, and usually friendly dogs. Enjoy swimming and jogging.

Height: 22 – 29 in

Show Weight: 38 – 55 lb

Pet Weight: 33 – 64 lb