Berger Picard


These lively and assertive characters are considered by many to be the oldest of the French Sheepdogs. In fact, they’re widely believed to have been brought into the Picardy region in northeastern France by the Franks in the 9th century.
Many pictures resembling this breed can be found in Middle Age tapestries and engravings. Sadly, they almost became extinct during both World Wars and still remain rare today, with an estimated 3500 still living in their native France.
Some posit that these loveable dogs have not gained mass popularity because of their scruffy looks. But there’s a good argument for not judging by appearances. As anyone who’s has one will tell you, their funny, goofy and loyal personalities are what really makes us fall for them.

Breed Insights

Intelligent, respond well to obedience training, but may exhibit a stubborn streak.
May herd pets or small children.
Lively, energetic, alert dogs with a quiet confidence.
Devoted and loyal with a protective nature and good guarding instincts.

Height: 21 – 26 in

Show Weight: 51 – 71 lb

Pet Weight: 51 – 71 lb