Bavarian Mountain Hound


The tale of the Bavarian Mountain Hound is one of true breed selection starting with the "Bracken", or the “original hunting dogs.” These hounds were said to have the finest noses for following ground scents. Of them, only the most reliable and perseverant ones were chosen to be leash dogs—dogs that searched for game where the scent had gone cold. From the most calm and cooperative Bracken, Liam Hounds and "Scent Hounds" were bred. It was from these dogs that the present day Hanovarian Hound breed evolved. But the story continues…
After the revolution in 1848, with the break-up of large estates, the improvement of hunting methods, and the introduction of firearms, dogs were needed after, not before the shot was made. The Hanovarian Hound proved to be too heavy for long-distance tracking, so Baron Karg-Bebenburg Reichenhall bred the lighter, more streamlined Mountain Scenthounds with the Hanovarian Hounds to produce the Bavarian Mountain Hound that we know today. This breed is still a classic companion for professional hunters and game keepers.
The Bavarian Mountain Hound is an agile, large-sized dog with a balanced, muscular build. Their coat is dense and short, with a glossy look. The coloring on these dogs is very distinct, covering the whole spectrum of red from deep to “deer red” and even a lighter tan in some instances, with a much darker color on the back and muzzle. Calm and well-balanced, this breed is devoted to its owner, and can be reserved with strangers. A more loyal companion will be hard to find.

Breed Insights

Although bred for hunting, likes human or other canine companionship.
May be reserved or wary around strangers.
Intelligent, alert, and calm dogs.
Loyal, devoted and protective companion with an eagerness to please their owner.

Height: 17 – 21 in

Show Weight: 38 – 66 lb

Pet Weight: 38 – 66 lb