Learn more about your pup while helping shelter dogs.

Wisdom Dog DNA

For every DNA test kit purchased in October 2020, we’re donating $1 to dog adoption organizations across the United States.

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Why shelter dogs? Because they’re sweet snugglers. Slobbery kiss-givers. Eager "one last round of fetch" players. Adorable treat beggars. Bed warmers. Pro ‘round-the-block walkers. Courageous protectors. Faithful furry family members. In short, they’re the good-est boys and girls around. And they deserve a forever home. That’s why we want to live in a world where shelters can’t keep up with demand, every dog has a human to curl up next to, and adopting is just what you do. Because life is better with a shelter pup.

Wisdom Dog DNA
Wisdom Dog DNA

According to the ASPCA, more than three million dogs land in a U.S. shelter every year. If you buy a dog DNA test on wisdompanel.com this month, we’ll donate $1 to Wags & Walks, The Labelle Foundation, and FosterDogs—three organizations helping pups find their forever homes.