Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

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The breed comes in various shades of brown, with or without white, orange, with or without white, off-white, white with brown or orange patches, and brown roan. Some individuals have a brown to dark brown mask and dogs may have tan markings, of different shades.  As the dog ages, the coat color has a tendency to fade so that an originally brown coat can end up as a silver/grey roan coloration. The Lagotto is a lively, agile, adaptable breed with a particular marked sense of humor. They are generally affectionate, devoted companions with good guarding instincts. Lagottos are highly intelligent and have an aptitude for learning and they respond well to training.
  • AKC Name:

    Lagotto Romagnolo

  • AKC Group:


  • Genetic Group:


  • Observed Weight:

    20-40 lbs

  • Show Weight:

    24 -35 lbs


Identifying Features:

Average Height: 16 - 19 in


Lagotto Romagnolo means "lake dog from Romagna" and refers to the breed’s original working function as a water retriever.  It is believed to be the founding breed from which all subsequent water dogs have been derived.  Pictures depicting dogs resembling this ancient, Italian breed have been found in the necropolis of the Etruscan city Spina.  The breed has been widely recognized, since the sixteenth century in the marshlands of North Eastern Italy, with the Swedish Naturalist, Linneus, describing a similar dog as being widespread throughout the Mediterranean coastal areas. Since the 1800s, with the drainage of marshlands and decline in waterfowl populations, the breed has been used to search for truffles in the countryside of Romagna, utilizing the dog’s keen sense of smell and inherent searching skill. It is the only breed in the world that is recognized as a specialised truffle searcher. The Lagotto Romagnolo was first recorded in the Foundation Stock Service in 2001 and was assigned to the Sporting group by the American Kennel Club in 2015.

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