Irish Red and White Setter

Irish Red and White Setter

Breed Description +

The Irish Red and White Setter is white with red splashes of colour which vary in shade from a light honey to a rich chestnut. Flecking is possible on the head and feet, though discouraged on other parts of the body.
  • AKC Name:

    Irish Red and White Setter

  • Common Name(s):

    Irish Red & White Setter, IRWS

  • AKC Group:


  • Genetic Group:


  • Observed Weight:

    46 - 85 lbs

  • Show Weight:

    50 - 75 lbs


Identifying Features:

Average Height: 22 - 26 in


The Irish Red and White Setter is a close relative to the Irish Setter breed. Historical records refer to a common Red and White Spaniel which bears a striking resemblance to the breed. In the development of the Irish Setter breed dogs were bred for their field talents, rather than coat color, and it was not until the 1800’s that the red coloring became popular in the show ring. As red dogs predominated in the latter part of the century, a public outcry caused multiple efforts to keep the traditional colors. The breed has persisted to the present day and was only recently accepted to the American Kennel Club in 1996 with full recognition occurring in 2009. These dogs remain more of a field dog than a house dog, though when properly trained they remain an obedient and loyal companion.

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